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Zoom Training! Fast Track to Expert Zoom Meetings and Sessions
The world has turned to Zoom as the #1 Global meeting platform. Many people are still trying to make the transition smoothly and have a lot of questions and a lot to learn.
 Who will Benefit: You! Anyone who is currently using Zoom or wants to use Zoom and wishes to increase skills and knowledge for leading any kind of online group, meeting, training, individual client session or gathering.

What You Will Learn:
-How to plan, promote. facilitate and offer a smooth, professional Zoom Meeting, training, client session or group, movement class or social gathering! 
-How to leverage and use all the controls for optimum Zoom room experience depending upon your goals, needs, type of group, and intentions for the meeting or event 
-How to mindfully troubleshoot and skillfully deal with the technological or bandwidth hiccups that will inevitably arise 
-How to be a gracious, mindful, skillful facilitator and make your Zoom room inviting and comfortable 
-Using a Mindful Approach with Self Compassion while hosting your Zoom meetings 
-How to arrange your in person set up to look and feel your best on Zoom including lighting, colors, and clothing. 
-How to address confidentiality issues for healthcare appointments 
-Strategies for mindfulness, wellness, and self-care while online or on Zoom meetings all day 
-Next Steps Advanced Training - to record or not record, editing and uploading recordings 

What You Will Leave with:  
Everything you need to plan, organize and offer Zoom meetings and appointments effectively, seamlessly, mindfully, maintain your well-being and even have fun.
  You will receive:
Recording of ‘live’ session (85 minutes) with Andrea
Link to live Q&A follow up session (60 minutes)
Link to Group Mentoring Zoom session (90 minutes)
Cost for all 3 sessions is only $35.00
  Private sessions available with Andrea (email for more details to 
Save hours on trial and error, learning along with everyone else. Learn from an expert and fast track into awesome meetings! 
*This in-depth training is for the basic or professional Zoom subscription level which will meet the needs of the vast majority of people, not the webinar level. I will be able to speak to pros and cons of the different levels, basic differences and how they work so you can make an informed choice.
Once you place your order for the Zoom Expert Training program, we will email you the video links within 24 hours.

Zoom Training! Fast Track to Expert Zoom Meetings

$99.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
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