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Personalized Coaching for Mindful Eating and Wellness Transformation


Mindful Eating Coaching                           Well Nourished Life Coaching


Mindful Eating Coaching 


Well Nourished Life Coaching     


 Nutrition Counseling





Andrea offers personal coaching programs designed for your specific needs. Set small realistic goals with the support of your mindful eating and nutrition expert coach to reach your health and wellness goals.

Learn effective tools and a new way of being based on mindful eating and  living and practices that you can easily apply to your daily life on an ongoing basis. You will notice a big difference in your well-being after only a few days of regular practice.

A healthy body supports a healthy mind and spirit. Beginning with a comprehensive whole life  assessment that takes into account your unique needs and preferences, you will be guided and supported in implementing self-care skills and tools to bring your nutrition, eating and exercise habits, sleep, psychological and emotional well-being to an optimal balance. Evidence-based Mindful eating and mindfulness practices play a key role.

For disordered eating, eating disorders, overeating, body image issues, weight concerns, general nutrition issues, metabolic health, plant-based diets, and stress related issues and health concerns.

Coaching programs are offered online, telehealth or In person in a lovely private office setting in Marin county.

The programs are designed to your unique needs and interests and may include any of the following: 

Mindful Eating Coaching Program 

This Personal Coaching Program supports you to cultivate a sustainable approach to mindfulness of eating and living with specific proven practices and skills that will transform your relationship to food, yourself and nourish and enrich every part of your life, your body, mind and your heart. Cultivating non-judgmental awareness, kindness and compassion for yourself are integral components of this program as well as learning powerful evidence-based practices and tools. You will experience the liberation of mindful choice, increase the overall quality of your diet, learn to eat in a way that is healthful and beneficial to your own mind, body and heart, improve metabolic health, increase pleasure, and enjoyment of food, and learn a mindful approach to staying in a healthy balance with your body, mind and heart.

  • Through mindful eating practices, you will learn to pay attention to what your body really needs
  • How to experience the full pleasure and taste of food without overeating
  • How to release the guilt and struggle so often associated with eating
  • Learn tools to help support you to make informed, balanced sustainable choices over a lifetime
  • How to be truly nourished by food and your life and experience greater joy, meaning and purpose
  • How to find peace with your relationship with food
Coaching programs are offered online (video conference), by phone, or In person in a lovely private office setting in Marin county.

Help for Emotional and Stress Related Eating and Weight Concerns

For those seeking help for binge eating, emotional and/or stress-related eating and weight concerns, you will learn how to come to peace with food and weight struggles with our whole person weight inclusive approach inspired by powerful practices of Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT), The Well Nourished™ Approach, Mindful Self-Compassion Practices and mindfulness. You'll learn how to free yourself from diet mentality with our healthy sustainable, weight inclusive and non-diet approach to health and well-being.

You'll learn a mindful, balanced and healthy way of eating and relating to food that is sustainable over time.

With the cultivation of present moment awareness, we are able to see more clearly the changes that are needed and can make informed choices to do so. We find more peace and balance in each moment.

You'll learn to restore a healthy relationship to food, balanced healthy living and cultivate nourishment

 from inner and outer sources beyond food.

Well Nourished Life Coaching Program

An integrative whole person coaching program to integrate the whole life approach to mindful eating and living iintroduced in the Well Nourished book into your life to create your inspired "Well Nourished Life"

Nutrition Counseling

Mindful Eating Nutrition Coaching utilizes cutting edge evidence-based nutrition and mindfulness research, mindful eating tools and practices to reach your health and wellness goals and aspirations. Mindful eating, weight concerns, eating disorders, disordered eating, binge eating, bulimia, ARFID, pre-diabetes, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, metabolic health issues, general nutrition and wellness, plant-based diets, gluten-free diets, nutrition for enhanced psychological well-being and mood, nutrition to boost energy, and women's health are amongst the areas that can be addressed and supported during our counseling sessions.  

Mindfulness-Based Stress Management Coaching

Stress Management Coaching benefits anyone with medical, emotional or psychological symptoms related to stress as well as anyone who is feeling stressed, overwhelmed, out of balance, facing life transition issues, such as new mothers seeking work and life balance, and for those who want to optimize their own health and well-being.

You'll learn how to the tools of mindfulness and breath awareness to your life to enable more awareness, informed choices, rest and relaxation in every moment. You will also learn how to be with difficult emotions, situations and people more easefully with mindfulness and mind body techniques.

             Other Benefits:

            The health skills, stress reduction techniques and support to reach desired goals and lifestyle change have been well researched and proven to work. With regular practice, you can greatly improve or manage the following conditions:

               -work, family and life stress




               -gastrointestinal distress

               -heart conditions

               -stress related infertility

               -weight and eating issues

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