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Testimonials from Inspired MB-EAT Graduates


Client Testimonials for Mindful Eating (MB-EAT) 

and Living Professional Training Program

Testimonials from Clients and Colleagues:   

"The MB-EAT program was exactly what I had been looking for and so much more. Not only did it provide me with the tools to more deeply support clients in cultivating mindfulness and healing their relationship with food which was my main intention in taking it, but it also greatly helped to expand my own long-time mindful eating and meditation practices. This training is an immersion of both professional and personal development, inviting us to dive into the wealth of information in an embodied way that helps integrate it in our own daily life and work with clients. Andrea is a wonderfully kind and intelligent teacher who created a nurturing and transformative environment with her wisdom and guidance. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is feeling the call to both deepen their personal practice and serve others with this holistic approach!"

 Gillian Sabbagh, RDN, 2023


As health practitioners, we feel confident about what we tell our clients but sometimes we forget to work on ourselves. Every session of the program had material that left me grateful, motivated, and inspired. The classes were a constant reminder to be kind with myself, enjoy my food and movement, but also not to judge myself. The program is concise, practical, scientific and comes with a concrete full manual.

   SL, Psychologist 


The techniques and skills I’ve learned through the MB-EAT training have been extremely eye opening and cultivating to personal health and self-care habits for both myself and my clients. I have also had the opportunity to implement some of these techniques and skills when working with groups at a behavioral health and addictions facility. There I have witnessed significant shifts in their awareness and relationship with both food and substances. Many have expressed a real desire to continue to explore this relationship further now that they have become more mindful of the food to health relationship.

  Natalia Garcia, RD


This program looks at mindfulness and it’s relationship to food in a thoughtful yet compassionate way. I loved the whole person approach and the opportunity to share & build relationships with others in a safe, nurturing environment. I especially like the way Andrea made time for conversation and offered feedback during the sessions. It was very helpful when we discussed which resources & meditations may be most appropriate for different types of clients, ie. BED, depression/anxiety, stress eaters.

  Julie Barbaro, RD 


The MB-EAT training program taught me specific meditations and gave me a frame work to use with my clients who struggle with Binge Eating Disorder. The specific meditations help me address common struggles my clients have, managing stress eating, recognizing satiety, recognizing food enjoyment, and being disconnected when mindlessly eating. The framework will be valuable as I continue my practice with people who binge or otherwise overeat. I am also grateful that it was taught from a Health at Every Size perspective, removing weight loss as a central focus which so often continues to hinder clients ability to heal and nurture themselves truly.

   Meghan Campbell - MS Ed., LPC, USA

                 Jennifer Buettner, RN, BSN                                                  Anne-Marie Goldenberg, RD                                              Laurie Weisman, MA                                 Mental Health Nurse                                                         Dietitian, France                                                                Health Coach                            

This has been a training of incredible value, professionalism and quality. I felt welcomed and with permanent invitation to experience learning, change and progress both in my own personal mindfulness practice and as a health professional. I appreciated the depth of the content, the done-for-you course materials and scripts and the warmth of Andrea’s teaching. This training allowed me to finally introduce mindfulness as a daily practice, which has proven to be a life-changing experience in the way I see myself and how I relate to the world around me. It has helped me get aligned with my values, my own personal needs and goals, and who I am. I am incredibly grateful for this experience

  Maricarmen Grisolia - RDN, France

                      Melisa Arias, PhD                                                       Zena Edwards. RDN                                                Joy Valvano, RD

                          Psychologist                                                      Diabetes Registered Dietitian

The online MB-EAT Mindful Living and Eating Professional Training and Mentoring Program with Andrea helped me gain clarity about my personal and professional values as a mental health professional looking to help others heal from diet culture and develop more compassionate and nurturing relationships with food and themselves. I look forward to integrating MB-EAT tools and practices into my work.

   Robyn Gobin, RD


This training has been an amazing experience, which taught me how to nourish my body and mind mindfully. It deepened my relationship with eating, demystified the emotional process involved and, most importantly, showed me how to be aware of my hunger and fullness cues. I look forward to put all what I learnt in practice and share it with others. 

  Despina Yanouli - Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Greece

The course was beyond my expectations. Presentation of contents, meditations, communications, and interaction, all are conducted in a friendly and professional manner. The course provides the tools to understand and improve the relationship with food, become awareness of habits, triggers, and cravings, and become a mindful eater.

  Nora Oliveri - MD, Argentina

I highly recommend the MB-EAT program! Andrea gracefully shares her wisdom, tools, and insight, offering a cohesive program for self-development as well as professional growth. She comes prepared with years of study, research based examples, and sense of ease in her teachings. As a dietitian and yoga instructor, finding this research based program to create a bridge, for sharing these two areas of study in heartfelt and efficient way has been so wonderful for me. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity!

  Crystal Olry- RDN RYT, USA

Before this course I knew about Mindful eating, I knew inside me, that it is something Big. But didin`t realize so huge. I can say – life changing experience. If you or your clients know about binge eating, or just bad relationship with food, too much food thoughts, as well – don`t want to count calories anymore – Mindfulness is the key. For sure. It puts off the pressure and instead of being fear of food, start to question yourself – is this love what I am seeking for? Way I am doing what I am doing? Very understandable and professional.

  Zane Leite- Health Coach, Latvia

"The online MB-EAT program is one of the best online courses I’ve taken. The virtual classroom, the community, and the way Andrea facilitates the entire experience is wonderful. To be able to be a participant in the course, as well as having the opportunity to lead with your own partner, is so valuable. The program has strengthened my ability and confidence to facilitate various meditations, mindful eating practices as well as the MB-EAT program itself. I have integrated so many of the practices in my day-to-day, and I have become more empowered in my relationship with food as well as the relationship I have with myself." 

   Michelle Schneider - Integrative Nutrition Coach, U.S.A.

"As a registered dietitian working in weight management and eating disorders, I came into the program with knowledge and experience in mindful eating practices. However, this program taught me more skills to help my clients that I was able to implement quickly. This is a very practical course and evidenced based. It was highly interactive and we were provided with immediate feedback from Andrea and our peers. I loved it! What surprised me was that I personally benefited from this training because part of the program is cultivating a mindfulness meditation practice. This program was exactly what I was looking and it absolutely exceeded my expectations. Thanks!"

   Heather Bainbridge - RDN, U.S.A

"I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wishing to delve deeper into mindful living and eating. This course has really transformed my relationship to food, eating and to my body. As a professional training course, it has equipped me with the confidence, the skill and the tools to start sharing this work with others. Andrea is a wonderful teacher - she delivers each session with clarity and expertise with her vast experience and wealth of experiences shining through. She really listens and creates a safe, warm and friendly learning environment. Thank you for this journey - I have gained so much!"

   Claire Rother - U.K.

"Taking the MB-EAT Mindful Living and Eating Professional Training and Mentoring Program was such an eye-opening experience for me! The teachings and practices in this course have helped me cultivate a better understanding of mindful eating and have greatly improved my relationship with food. I am experiencing the taste of food on a whole new level with the intention of taking better care of my body. My passion for mindful eating has grown immensely over the last few months of taking this course and I plan to bring all these essential tools with me into my work and personal life!"

   Melinda Wivell - U.S.A

"This course was transformative personally and professionally. It has changed the way I work with clients in helping them manage stress and stress eating. Best thing I ever did for myself."

   Clarie Stuebe – LPC, U.S.A

"The MB-EAT program has been a wonderful experience in every way. On a personal level it has allowed

me to discover valuable tools that have helped me to understand how to tune in a deep way with

internal sensations.

On a professional level it has meant a great discovery that I feel will help me in the immediate future in

my work as an MBSR Instructor and will allow me to expand the offer to potential clients.

In short, more than a program that allows you to learn new techniques, I would describe it as an

experience that allows you to enter inside yourself to get to know yourself better and to be able to live

a fuller and happier life. I recommend this program not only to any health professional but to anyone who wants to know themselves better and live a fuller and healthier life."

   Ismael Santos Rodríguez - Spain

​"Andrea Lieberstein is great at leading a group through mindfulness around food, and using it as a means to greater health, awareness and joy. She knows the science-based evidence of the positive effects of mindfulness in food, and her training in MBSR adds layers of subtlety to the practice she brings to mindful eating. It is a transformative experience that leads participants to a place of joyful eating and cooking."

  Liv Wu - Google Food Teaching Kitchen Program Manager, U.S.A

"This is a wonderful program! Andrea is quite knowledgeable and presents a solid, easy-to-access curriculum. The weekly classes and meditations provided a great deal of support for integrating the practices personally and professionally.Her compassion and warmth set the tone for a lovely connection as a group. The program allowed me to experience and also enhance my embodied wisdom. I am so pleased with the new habits I have developed as a result! This program was an exceptional learning experience."

    J.K. - LCSW, Licensed Social Worker, U.S.A

"Andrea is the kindest and most patient and gentle teacher I have met!"

    X. A. - Certified Life Coach, South Africa

"Going through the MB-EAT training with Andrea was a wonderful experience. She was a very thoughtful and caring instructor, always glad to hear and respond to our questions, doubts and concerns. Her ability to guide the practices from her own experience, as well as her talent to weave everyone’s interests together, were some of the highlights of the program. As to the program itself, having a history of surviving an eating disorder, besides working professionally and doing research on the subject for over 14 years, it was a welcome surprise. It seems to me that unlike conventional CBT approaches to eating issues, the experiential character of MB-EAT allows for deeper and possibly more enduring changes not only in behavioral patterns, but in the underlying emotional landscapes of eating issues. This was a life-changing experience"

   D.S. - Anthropologist, PhD in Social Sciences, Brazil

"I was on the search for a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of mindful eating. In addition, I wanted to obtain a language and vocabulary to communicate the inner-workings of eating in a mindful way along with losing weight without dieting. This course provided me those tools along with fostering relationships I will have for a long time to come. Not only did I learn about food, but how to manage myself peacefully in all aspects of life. I leave this course lighter than I came in, both in heart and body. I recommend MB-EAT and Andrea Lieberstein to anyone with the desire to dive into this topic."

   A.P. - Health Coach, U.S.A 

"You don't just learn about the techniques of mindful eating with Andrea, you learn what it FEELS like to live, breathe and practice a lifestyle of eating as a form of meditation. She helped me experience mindfulness and understand meditation through the lens of a mindful eater. By practicing this art at the table, we transform and embody this practice beyond the table, as it moves into other experiences in our lives. As a fellow dietitian, Andrea is a unique gift in the world of nutrition because she breathes live into everything she teaches, which then only deepens my own understanding of nutrition and convinces me even more how possible it is to make peace with food." 

   Anny Ha - Registered Dietitian, U.S.A  

"I always understood the importance of mindful eating and have encouraged my clients to eat mindfully. However, this program dwelled into the minute details of mindful eating. It also encourages self-compassion and self-acceptance which both are sorely needed by people in a society that is obsessed with looks, food, and weight loss.    This program helped me deepen my mindfulness practice through mindful eating meditations and awareness-raising exercises and brought more peace into my life." 

   Registered Dietitian, Social Worker, Canada   

"Andrea meets people where they are in the process of change with care and compassion."   

   Beth Krackov - Psychologist, U.S.A

"As a presenter and group facilitator, Andrea is warm, engaging and responsive to her audience. She has a positive energy that patients resonate with. Andrea has a deep commitment to serving the "whole being"...I wholeheartedly recommend her as a stress management counselor, group facilitator and workshop leader. You will not be disappointed!"

  Hope Sasek - M.A., R.N., U.S.A

"Andrea has been a pioneer in Kaiser Permanente, Northern California Region, creating curriculums, teaching classes, providing trainings of instructors, and implementing Mind Body Programs regionwide such as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. She is a gifted and warm presenter and counselor whose work can help inspire and transform."

   David Sobel - MD, MPH, U.S.A

Director of Patient Education and Health Promotion

Kaiser Permanente, Northern California Region (now retired)

Author of "Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Handbook", "The Healing Brain" and "Healthy Pleasures"

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