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Mindful Eating and Living Nourishment for the Whole Self
Being Well Nourished is a non-diet approach to whole self and whole body nourishment, open-hearted living, well-being, joy and balance. Program modules range from ‘Fundamental Module 1’ (which is open to everyone) to Professional Module 2 to become a Certified Well Nourished Coach.
Module 1 is an 8 session introductory and foundational course in becoming Well Nourished.
  Would you like to learn skills to free yourself of internal struggle, including around food and lifestyle choice to release positive life energy for the rest of your life?
Would you like to make small and big choices with grace and ease that best nurture your total well-being—mind, body, heart, and spirit?
If you long to trust and celebrate yourself, your life, your contributions, your self-care choices, and learn the knowledge and tools to live a nourishing, balanced, joyful and purposeful life, you’ve come to the right place…
With practices, skills and tools, based on science, ancient wisdom, a nourishing international community, and a loving and compassionate guide, you can make the changes you seek in the new year.
We often over-focus on our diet and exercise programs, or beginning one, to the exclusion of living a fulfilled meaningful live! Sometimes we even eat to fill the emotional, spiritual, creative, social, psychological nourishment we crave.
For true change to occur we need to look at our whole self and understand how tending to each part of ourselves touches, nourishes, uplifts and strengthens all the other parts. We can create a healthy vibrant web of support within our own bodies and lives, that extends to others and the planet through our positive choices, thoughts, deeds, love and compassionate action. We are all interconnected and your actions make a difference.
Being Well Nourished is a non-diet approach to whole body nourishment where you can throw away the food rules, learn to listen to your total body wisdom, yet still utilize the support of sound evidence-based nutrition and total body health knowledge as is helpful to you. But the Well Nourished whole body approach goes beyond food. By helping you discern what you are truly hungry for, you can nourish the other parts of yourself too, and be supported in making choices that best nurture your total well-being: mind, body, heart and spirit.
  You get to be the master chef of your own life with the supportive tools of Well Nourished. Prepare for a fun, nourishing, and insightful journey through the 8 Bodies that thrive on nourishment. Learn the essential jewels for your nourished and awakened life - to fill your Well Nourished Bowl - including meditation, mindful eating and living, mindfulness, lovingkindness, compassion and an awakened heart.
  This is your life and you deserve to have fun and joy redesigning it and living it while you are part of the supportive community! Additive to your life, it doesn’t take away time or energy. Well Nourished adds freedom, energy and joy!
  The initial Well Nourished Module 1 is an Eight Session introductory recorded online program to teach you the basics in Well Nourished and Mindful Eating practices and principles. You may listen to each recorded session weekly, monthly or as best suits your schedule. Additional live monthly Q&A sessions with Andrea are included as well to offer you additional support for up to one year.
  Well Nourished Module 1 full tuition is normally $497.00, but we are offering an INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL price of only $299 prepaid. CE credits available.
  If you are a Health Care Professional and are interested in our Module 2 and Module 3 Well Nourished Programs to become a Certified Well Nourished Coach, please contact us by email for further details.
Once you place your order to register for the Well Nourished Module 1, we will send you the login portal links within 24 hours by email.

Well Nourished Module 1 Online Training Program

$497.00 Regular Price
$299.00Sale Price
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