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Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT) 12 Session Public Programs




METI trains Qualified and Certified MB-EAT Instructors to teach you life changing skills and tools in our Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT) 12-week Public Group Program. This pioneering mindful eating public program is backed by years of NIH funded research and experience in the field by the founder of MB-EAT, Dr. Jean Kristeller, Teacher Trainer, and others, with significant contributions from Andrea Lieberstein, METI Founder and MB-EAT Teacher Trainer.


In our 12 session MB-EAT public program, you will learn how to have a sustainable, joyful and peaceful relationship with food, free of shame or guilt. METI’s weight inclusive program is paced in a way that offers successful behavior change, learning a new way of being, increased mindfulness and self-compassion, and a more discerning mindset and peaceful heart free of the suffering and traps of diet culture and diet mentality.


Participants can experience the liberation of mindful choice, increase the overall quality of their diet, learn to eat in quantities that are healthful and beneficial to their own mind, body and heart, improve metabolic health, increase pleasure, and enjoyment of food, and learn a mindful approach to staying in a healthy balance with their body, mind and heart.

Find the MB-EAT Qualified Instructor in your area to get more details to join our 12 session MB-EAT class to learn how to have

a mindful, sustainable, joyful and peaceful relationship with food, as you increase personal growth, mindfulness and well being.

                                                      MB-EAT QUALIFIED INSTRUCTOR LISTING:

MB-EAT Instructors 

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Please note these ‘general public’ programs are not 'teacher training' courses. 

If you are looking for MB-EAT teacher/coach training, please visit our Professional MB-EAT Training page for more information

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