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Andrea Lieberstein, MPH, RDN, RYT

Professional training - Online Mindful Eating Professional Training Program

Online Professional MB-EAT Mindful Eating and Living Training and Mentoring Program

"I really learned so many amazing tools and techniques to assist my clients in overcoming emotional eating and making sustainable changes in their lives to find peace with their bodies."   B.K., UK   Nutritional Therapist,  Registered Yoga Teacher

"...This was a life-changing experience..." D.S. Mindfulness Facilitator, Medical Anthropologist 

"I started this program for my professional growth but to my surprise it also became part of an important personal transformation" 

G.A., Clinical Nutritionist

Andrea trains Health Professionals internationally in the evidence-based intervention of Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training  (MB-EAT) leading to qualification as an MB-EAT Instructor and a whole new toolkit of practices to use in individual sessions or in groups. She offers a 3 month online interactive professional training that include some guest faculty appearances by Jean Kristeller. The online program trains you how to embody the practice and teach mindfulness meditation and mindful eating from an authentic place of experience and understanding. She also offers 5 day professional residential trainings at retreat centers nationally in MB-EAT with Jean Kristeller, PhD, founder of MB-EAT.  

Online 3 Month MB-EAT Mindful Eating and Living Professional Training and Mentoring Program

   with Andrea Lieberstein, MPH, RDN, RYT  and  guest faculty appearances by Jean Kristeller

Learn to become an embodied Mindfulness and Mindful Eating Instructor and Practitioner

42 Continuing Education Units for Registered Dietitians pre-approved by the Commission on Dietetic Registration

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12 Fridays, 10:00 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. PST       

    The program includes a Virtual Daylong Saturday Retreat, Q & A Sessions, Group Coaching, and Teachback sessions.

This is a small group training in our virtual classroom using state of the art video/audio conferencing programs with your computer, tablet or Smartphone. It's like being in a room training together, but from the comfort of your own home or office.   You will learn how to facilitate and process mindful eating exercises, basic mindfulness meditation practices and deepen your own practice both personally and professionally.

This online training and mentoring program provides training in the practices and approaches of the evidence-based Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT) Program and additional mindfulness training and mindfulness practices  as they support the practice of mindful eating and living. MB-EAT supported by NIH-funded research, addresses the mindless and stress-related eating, emotional eating, disordered eating patterns and obesity so prevalent in our culture through the application of mindfulness meditation. This training offers a weight neutral approach to health and well-being.

Through mindful eating practices, one learns to pay attention to what the body really needs and why, how to experience the full pleasure and taste of food without overeating, and how to release the guilt and struggle so often associated with eating. The tools of inner and outer wisdom integral to the program help support each person to make informed, balanced, healthy sustainable choices over a lifetime, while being truly nourished by food and other aspects of their lives on many levels.

You will learn to become an embodied mindful eating and meditation practitioner and instructor. This course integrates the step by step tools for you to teach the 12 week MB-EAT group outpatient program to your clients. These Mindful Eating (MB-EAT) principles are also invaluable to utilize with your private clients.

Practices and topics introduced include mindfulness meditation, eating exercises, eating meditations, guided visualizations, lovingkindness and self- compassion practices, exploration of craving and emotional eating, didactic instruction, inquiry method, effective behavior change strategies, group facilitation skills, role playing, tools, weekly home practices, assignments, coaching and self-reflection to cultivate mindful awareness and a more balanced and positive relationship to eating and weight.

Upon completion of the program, participants will gain personal understanding, experiential learning, and a new relationship to mindfulness and mindful eating practices. You will also learn to apply a variety of evidence-based mindfulness and mindful eating practices, information and tools to your clients, both individually and in group settings.Those that meet the program requirements are qualified to teach the full 12 week MB-EAT program. 

Eligibility to teach the full 12 week MB-EAT outpatient program, as a qualified MB-EAT Instructor, is met upon having a regular mindfulness meditation practice of 6 months or more (the 3 months of meditation practice, support and training provided during this program may apply towards this), related professional degrees, licensure, registration or certification, and professional/clinical experience with eating issues.

Continuing Education Units available and has been approved by the Commission on Dietetic Registration for 42 CPEUs for Registered Dietitians. 

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What Graduates of recent programs are saying: 

"The online MB-EAT program is not like most online training programs. The course is rooted in experiential learning.  Each week we met together as a group and experienced the program as we were learning about it. Andrea is a very engaged teacher and facilitator.  She frequently checks in, encourages peer teaching and learning, and offers multiple opportunities for additional learning and connecting. Andrea is open, supportive, and extremely knowledgeable. She is a passionate facilitator and teacher with vast meditation experience, who is able to balance the science behind MB-EAT with mindfulness practice in a way that creates a learning environment that is both rich in depth and breadth. I highly recommend this course. It is both personally and professionally rewarding. "

 B. Sobel., MS, Integrative Nutritionist, Winter 2016 Online MB-EAT Training

"This is a wonderful program! Andrea is quite knowledgeable and presents a solid, easy-to-access curriculum. The weekly classes and meditations provided a great deal of support for integrating the practices personally and professionally.Her compassion and warmth set the tone for a lovely connection as a group. The program allowed me to experience and also enhance my embodied wisdom.  I am so pleased with the new habits I have developed as a result! This program was an exceptional learning experience."

  J.K.  LCSW, Licensed Social Worker, Raleigh, NC, USA

"The online MB-EAT Professional Training program exceeded my expectations.... I highly recommend online MB-EAT for other professionals that would like to deepen their understanding of mindful eating and mindfulness both personal and professional".

   R.G., Registered Nutritionist from Iceland. 

"I just completed the four month Mindful Eating Training (MB-EAT) course...Andrea led the program with professionalism, compassion and integrity. I highly recommend this training for those who are willing to take the leap within and go through the world of mindfulness while integrating its spacious findings with the outer wisdom of diet & exercise and all that they entail. The course provided many opportunities for experiential integration of the body-mind-emotion mindfulness strategies within the context of eating behaviors and one's relationship to food. 

    S.P.,  MA EdS, Educational Therapist, Integrative Life Coach, ADHD Coach, Florida,USA

"I had an amazing experience in class - learned so much and I know that this is the answer to my problem. I hope to help others too." 

   Registered Dietitian, Winter 2015 

"Words cannot express how grateful I am for this class! I'm experiencing amazing benefits. Your warmth and knowledge are so helpful as is your curriculum and the way you manage the class & material. And I've gotten so much from the teach backs... So thank you, thank you, thank you!! I am so glad I decided to take your class". 

    Licensed Therapist, USA,  Spring 2015

"I was on the search for a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of mindful eating. In addition, I wanted to obtain a language and vocabulary to communicate the inner-workings of eating in a mindful way along with losing weight without dieting. This course provided me those tools along with fostering relationships I will have for a long time to come. Not only did I learn about food, but how to manage myself peacefully in all aspects of life. I leave this course lighter than I came in, both in heart and body. I  recommend MB-EAT and Andrea Lieberstein to anyone with the desire to dive into this topic."

    A.P., Professional Chef and Health Coach, Florida, Summer 2015 

"Going through the MB-EAT training with Andrea was a wonderful experience. She was a very thoughtful and caring instructor. Her ability to guide the practices from her own experience, as well as her talent to weave everyone’s interests together, were some of the highlights of the program....This was a life-changing experience"

     D.S., Anthropologist, PhD in Social Sciences, Brazil, Spring 2015

"...The program truly incorporates the practice of mindfulness. Some programs don’t teach meditation. I see this as an important part of mindful eating. Research shows meditation can help change the brain in ways that may reduce drives to overeat. I also like that the program addresses self-compassion...We need a gentler approach to weight management and this program delivers.  I also liked that the MB-EAT program was offered on-line. I was pleasantly surprised with this format. It really worked. I felt connected to my group and our provider Andrea. There was a lot practical application. We partnered with group members and actually practiced leading the meditation exercises. I didn’t have a lot of experience leading meditations prior to this course. I now feel confident in my ability to do this. I would highly recommend this program!

    M.Vargas., DrPH, RCEP  Spring 2015  

"The online MB-EAT Professional Training program exceeded my expectations. I was prepared to get tools to teach and help my clients but I was not expecting the tools to have such an impact on myself. Being a registered nutritionist and a Kundalini Yoga Instructor, I had starting applying the principles of mindful eating into my life and professional work before starting the program but the MB-EAT Professional Training program has transformed and deepened my understanding of mindful eating and mindfulness. After the program I have more confidence in integrating the principles of mindful eating to my individual sessions and teaching programs. I highly recommend online MB-EAT for other professionals that would like to deepen their understanding of mindful eating and mindfulness both personal and professional". 

    R.J, registered nutritionist , Iceland. 

"MB-EAT is a missing link to healthful eating!  Many of us know what we should eat and that we should exercise regularly.  However, that doesn’t always lead to sustaining change.  MB-EAT increases awareness and helps us pause before we take that next mouthful and ask ourselves questions like “do I really want this?”  Andrea is an extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and gifted instructor!  This is a great course for health professionals who want to learn new state-of-the art information that can be translated into helping patients who want to learn new coping strategies to healthful eating. Thank you!!"

   B.V. Advanced Practice Nurse, Behavioral Health

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