Mindful Eating Training

Andrea Lieberstein, MPH, RDN, RYT

What are you truly hungry for in your life?

Have you explored mindful eating and living to nourish your body,
mind and soul...?

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Bring your life back to balance, ease, well being and joy with our evidence-based mindful eating and mindfulness-based programs and coaching services. We specialize in mindful eating, mindful self-compassion and integrative nutrition approaches for optimal well-being, coming to peace with food, healing disordered eating, overeating, body image issues, healthy weight management, general nutrition, stress and health concerns.

Free your energy, stop the struggle, celebrate your body and embrace your well nourished life.

Our online and in person programs, individual sessions and retreats provide an optimum blend of mindfulness and mindful eating training, self-care skills, cutting edge nutrition and health information and support for sustainable change with Andrea Lieberstein, a mindful eating expert, mindfulness-based registered dietitian nutritionist, registered yoga teacher. Andrea has over 25 years of experience in mindfulness training and meditation, integrative nutrition approaches, mind body medicine, stress management, emotional eating, yoga and healthy lifestyles.                                                              

Andrea has an undergraduate degree from Stanford University and a Master's degree in Public Health Nutrition                                                           from the University of California, Berkeley. She teaches at renowned retreat centers across the country and                                                                 internationally.

There are many options to find the right mindful eating and living program for you - whether its for personal or professional training.

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Mindfulness and Mindful Eating and Living Programs: 
-Online Live or In Person Health Professional Trainings
-Retreats and Classes for the General Public 

-Individual Coaches Classes, Retreats, Groups and Workshops 

-Worksite Consultation, Presentations and Training Programs
-CEUS and CPE's available for most programs